Considering becoming an interim manager?

Considering becoming an interim manager?

Considering a career in interim management?

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Senior executives consider interim management for many reasons. The most common we hear, to name but a few, are:

  • Dissatisfaction with the ‘corporate’ life, especially politics
  • Improve work life balance
  • Regain control over their working life
  • An opportunity to focus on what they are good at and enjoy
  • Redundancy and difficulty finding a permanent role
  • Taken early retirement but don’t want to retire
  • Just sold their business and want a new venture

The reasons usually fall into one of two categories:

  • Things we want to get away from i.e. things we don’t like about our current working lives
  • Things we would like to see more of in our working lives moving forward

Before exploring this section any further, you may find it valuable to list all the elements of your working life moving forward that you would like to avoid as far as possible and all the elements you would ideally like to see more of. For those you want to avoid, what would you like to see in their place?

The above will give you a description of your ‘perfect’ working life. You can then explore interim management to see how close it gets to your ideal and where you may need to compromise. Armed with an understanding of the likely challenges you may face, you will be in a much better position to plan your route forward.